Toes in the sand, a drink in your hand? What are some things that make you feel good? One of the first things that comes to mind is vacation. Vacation makes people feel good because it is a chance to get away from everything and to just focus on yourself and relaxation. You get a break from work, the everyday routine and your daily household chores as well which is something everyone longs for! You need to take time out for yourself sometimes, and vacation is the best way to do so.

Another thing that comes to mind when talking about things that make you feel good, is a good, hearty delicious meal. Everybody loves a good home-cooked meal and I think everyone would also agree that is makes them feel good! A nice warm baked apple pie with creamy vanilla ice cream on top, now what could be better than that? Or if your more of a savory type of person, a nice delicious chicken pot pie fresh out of the oven might be more your type of feel good food, either way food is proven to make people feel good!

The final and probably most important thing that makes people feel good, is family and being around loved ones. There is absolutely nothing that can top a quality day with your family and being around the people you love the most. Spending time with your family is one of the most underrated activities that we do and we need to remember how important that time really is to our overall happiness and well-being. A nice warm embrace from you mother, grandmother or child is something that you just can’t buy in the store.