Women want a lot of things in men, and they are all entitled to their preferences. However, you have to be in tune with what women want so that you can give all women what they need. Women do not want things just to have them. They have needs that must be met, and that is how these women come to fall in love with you.

You must start by listening to women, and this is something that you should do regularly so that you do not have problems with the women in your life never getting anything out of talking to you. You must give them the things they need when they ask for them, and you must ask them if there is anything that you can do for them that will make their lives better.

You are showing women that you realize that they can do anything they need, but you are also showing them that they will have someone in their corner. Women need support more than anything else, and it is a fun thing to see in a lady who realizes that she can trust you.

All the other things will come in time, but you really need to start out with something like listening so that you can give women what they need. They will fall in love faster, and you will feel much more confident because you have established a solid relationship with a woman that is based on words and not looks.