The drinking guide for men should get you out of mainstream beer and liquor into something that is much better for your image. You want to drink in small doses at the highest quality, and you must be certain that you have chosen the sort of alcohol that will be a good conversation starter for the people around you. You simply must be in tune with the area.


You must drink local craft beer as much as you possibly can, and you also need to choose craft beers that are local to where you are when you travel. You could also try local wines, and you must not be afraid to drink a simple liquor from a small glass. A lot of men could have a neat scotch or simple whiskey.


You might branch out just a little bit bit to the drinks that you could get in any bar like a whiskey sour, vodka tonic, gin and tonic, or vodka water. All these things are completely fair to drink, and you might even want to have club soda with lime when youa re the person who volunteered to drive that night.


Get rid of all the mainstream beer, and be certain that you drink to truly enjoy the flavor. Drinking to get drunk is something that teenagers do, and you need to start acting your age. A man who has not invested his time in drinking in the right way looks silly, and it is hard to get women to be impressed with you.


The drink that you have says a lot about you, and it must be chosen with the understanding that you will have something to sip on for a while. You need to remember that you can drink well and make things better for your image.