So we all are sick of hearing about it right? No? Well I know I am at least, and that would be the topic of global warming. You’ve seen Al Gore’s brutally long documentary “The Inconvenient Truth”, but are you really to blame? That’s the biggest question of them all, that is still yet to be answered.

Global warming is said to be an issue among our environment where the glaciers are melting at an uncontrollable rate leading to habitation loss and changes with the wildlife and other major compelling concerns. Some important things to remember about global warming however is that it did not in fact just start becoming a problem when the government said it was a problem, global warming has been years and years in the making and still has yet to be proven indefinitely. What they are telling us is that because of our cars, trains, planes and other automobiles we are driving, the pollution in the air is increasing so drastically that it is leading to the ozone layer becoming porous which basically means more direct sunlight is hitting our atmosphere, leading to warmer climates. The problem with that theory is that nobody has ever proven that the air pollution coming from our emissions is actually what is causing the ozone’s deterioration. The ozone is very old, and a number of factors could be playing a role in this devastation. Also, another thing they will not tell you is that the ozone layer itself has become more porous at times but it has also been getting better at times too. We cannot prove that it is our fault when environmental changes occur and therefore my advice to you and anyone else feeling guilty for this phenomenon, don’t lose sleep over it.