Everyone loves to catch up on the latest Hollywood trends and celebrity styles. One of the biggest Hollywood trends right now is the lavender trend. Celebrities are being spotted at all events wearing the light, pure lavender color that is really catching on as a top trend in celebrity fashion. Lavender pants, lavender scarfs and even lavender shoes are a huge hit with the current celebrity fashion styles.

Another really popular Hollywood trend currently is literally on the “fringe”, it’s fringes! Major fashion designers such as Dior, Lois Vuitton and Calvin Klein are adding the fringed look to a lot of their new styles. Fringes on cropped t-shirts makes for a great, laid back, casual look and fringes on backpacks, purses and other accessories add a dynamic element to the accessory and is catching fire in celeb style today!

Another trend being set in Hollywood today is short bob hair cuts and bangs, believe it or not! Bangs are making a HUGE comeback among the celebrity population, bangs with long, short, medium all sorts of hair styles are emerging making bangs the new in thing. Also short cuts are becoming more and more popular in Hollywood than ever before. The short bob hair cut is taking the celebrities by storm starting with Anne Hathaway in 2009 and now even Scarlet Johansson is rocking the bob! If you want to fit in with the trends and feel like family to the celebrities, it seems as though a short hair cut may be required. But don’t feel too discouraged if your the type of person to keep long locks because hair trends are said to be one of the most fickle trend of them all.